Our Story

The Soapbox Troubadors is a band of guys who have come together to create something unique and special. On paper, what they do shouldn't work but somehow it does. They somehow weave 3 acoustic guitars, an electric bass, and a full drum kit into a fusion of southern, country, swamp, Appalachian and folk music creating something both new and unique and familiar at the same time. The response to their music has crossed generation lines, with both young and old, finding something to call their own. The songs themselves speak of redemption, self introspection and standing in the midst of struggles and the stamp of their shared faith is evident in their message. Once again they manage to know where the line between sharing a different viewpoint and trying to force that viewpoint on the listener is found. At the heart of the Soapbox Troubadors' sound is lead singer and lyricist Frankie Shayne whose soulful delivery of each note draws listeners in. Each word of each song is personal and it is felt through his almost labored delivery and his emotional delivery of signature songs like "Home." The delivery of their message is brought to life through the skillful and emotional playing styles of DJ Chastain and Ryan Coon. The musical pallet created by Ryan and DJ is both powerful and full of restraint. Each note is meticulously crafted to invoke emotion and when extra notes are there they are removed with surgical like precision to create a masterpiece of balance and beauty that pulls listeners in. Frankie Shayne's brother, Jason Pearman, creates a landscape of time and rhythm with every beat of the drums and holds everything together as he, too, uses restraint and artistry to create the perfect pallet of beats to drive the song or reel it in when the song calls for it. On top of all that precision, Jason also lays down harmonies behind Frankie's vocals creating a union of voices that only a blood bond can foster. Dakota Pearman, Frankie Shayne's son and youngest member of the Troubadors, rounds out the band by holding down the low end with his perfect addition of bass runs and lines that create a drive where needed and a solid base when that is all that is needed. Many songs are void and empty without the bass of Dakota keeping it moving. One common bond they all share besides their love of music is their faith which binds them as brothers and keeps them focused on the truth of what they are . . . Messengers. Stand on your soapbox and be heard . . . Don't remain silent!