A project of epic proportions from the minds and hearts of DJ Chastain, Frankie Shayne Pearman and Ryan Coon.


Special thanks to Wazzup Coffee House in Derby for being such great hosts.  The venue, drinks and food are great and we will be for sure later this year. 

Record release 

This week we will be finalizing the details of the CD release.  We will be doing our first photo shoot with Desiree Coon Photography ASAP so we can have the best cover and booklet possible. Stay tuned for an official release date but we be pushing to get this out SOON!!

From recordings to records 

After our second 8 hour session with Green Jeans Studios in Wellington we now have our first record finished. Samples of all 11 tracks are available on the music page here on the site.  It feels so good to finally have something to show that we can truly be proud of.  Our demo that we recorded with our friend Elijah Ezekial was a great beginning to the Troubadors recording library but with our want to begin the push to radio we had to have a superior recording.  Special thanks to Carter Green at Green Jeans and all of our families for being patient with us while we take an entire Tuesday away from family and work (no small task)!!

Hitting the Holler 

Hey everyone,  Practice tonight was so much fun. A new song grew and became a instant hit with the band.  "The Holler" is as toe tapping as they come and will have you shouting on your own.

Extra practice next week in preparation for a very cool private gig on Sunday May 17th.  Final recording for our first full length album is happening on May 19th (going to be a long day)  and the test print of our T-shirts look pretty cool.  

Stay tuned Troubies

The mad month of May 

May 1st starts a nice chain of shows around the state.  May sure to check our show page often for updates and like our Facebook page to keep up to date on there as well.  Recent gigs include No. 7 coffee house in Wellington and the Sedgick County fair in Cheney KS.   A Newton show at  Norm's Coffee bar is in the works and some other Wichita ones as well. 


Album in progress 

Our first recording session went very well.  8 tracks recorded but we will have to go back and do a bit of touch-up work.  We have decided to just do another eight hour session and finish up a full length album.  So with all of that in mind the first full length album will hit a bit later than expected.  The good news is the tracks will be pro sound quality in great cases etc......Soon as we have more info you will be the first to know.

Later Troubadors

Keep your fingers crossed. 

Hey Troubies,
We have made our digital submission to the Americana Music Festival for this years festival in Nashville on September 15-20. Keep your fingers crossed and throw out a few prayers and perhaps we can get a showcase and get some label attention or whatever God has in store for us. Regardless of the outcome we will continue to do what we do and continue to change people's lives one song at a time. Thank you all.
Frankie Shayne

Lets get this party started! 

Hey Troubies,
We have decided to do it, after some prompting by several fans and supporters, so our Kickstarter funding project is LIVE! If you want to help us help you, you can pledge to our Soapbox Project by going to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1052469113/soapbox-troubadors-soapbox-project. You will see levels of donation that can get you rewards directly from us but, any amount is appreciated and helpful. We have some great opportunities in front of us, but in order to take full advantage of them we need more clams in the Troubie band fund. LOL. So if you can help us out that would be AWESOME, but if you cant and you just love our music than at least spread the word about what we are doing and with any luck you'll see us in a Nashville studio or on Jimmie Fallon or something cool like that. Thanks for all your support and remember, "Stand on your Soapbox and be heard . . . Don't remain silent!"

And the Shows keep coming 

We are feeling blessed right now, booking multiple shows, and it seems like we are running out of time to get them all booked and played.  We are booking clear into the summer now with discussions of fall shows already.  Keep us in your prayers, we need them for strength and energy!

Soapbox plays on 

It is so good to be back playing live.  We feel very at home on stage and hate the down time but we all have jobs and family's.
 Next week starts our writing sessions for lots of new songs.  We have had them in the works for a while but we just haven't spent the time sitting down and hashing them out.  Other than that we have many new shows on the horizon and will post info on them ASAP.  Recording time is booked for April and a great studio called Green Jeans and we hope to knock out 6 to 8 tunes.

Take care Troubador fans!

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Previous events

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Lakeside Park Band Shell, Mcpherson KS

Pavestone Promotions and CFTC McPherson are coming together for a EPIC night of music including performances by

Conquer the Pacific 5-5:30p

Inflection 5:45pm-6:30p

VOS 6:45pm-7:30p

Soapbox Troubadors 7:45p-9p

Bandshell in Lakeside park

*Food and concessions benefit the McPherson County Food Bank


Soapbox Troubadors live at Stafford

Taste and See Coffee House, 111 W. Broadway, Stafford, KS