A project of epic proportions from the minds and hearts of DJ Chastain, Frankie Shayne Pearman and Ryan Coon.

We're still kickin' 

Hey Troubies, we realize things have been a little silent on our end lately and we apologize, but I am here to tell you we are alive and well. We have been writing lately and you guys are gonna love what we are coming up with. Some of it's gritty and swampy and some of it is a little more folky and kinda "purty," as grampa would say. We are already lining shows out for the spring and summer and we hope to get into some venues and summer fests this year, that we missed submitting in time last year. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready because we are coming for ya. Just a tip, if you're trying to see what's ahead, you can always see further when you're on a mountain top . . . or at least a Soapbox.

New music and merch 

We are taking a few weeks off to spend time with family and finish some writing for new originals. Aug 22nd is our next show and we have shirts and stickers in the works and available soon. We hope to have a large amount of promotional stuff finished before Nehemiah in September.  Stay tuned Troubadors!

Video's going up 

Be sure to Checkout our Youtube page for several new videos going up. We are posting most of the album tracks so anyone can listen.  We are also pulling in fan footage so we can get it put up onto our Youtube page as well.  Hit the Youtube link on the main page to check them out.


Hey everyone,

The CD's are in production as we speak and hope to see them in the next few weeks.  We are looking into having these available to purchase online so we can ship them anywhere in the U.S. through Paypal. 

The music has dropped 

Hey everyone,  the Drop Cards are not available for the album.  They are $5 for the 11 track record and one can be yours by stopping into Johnson Music Center in Hutchinson ( our top secret base ) or at any of our live shows.  Once you have the card you visit www.dropcards.com/soapboxtroubadors and put in your unique code.  Download your mp3's and you are rockin out in no time.  Next week is Wellington at No. 7 Coffee House

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Previous events

Rock for a reason

Lakeside Park Band Shell, Mcpherson KS

Pavestone Promotions and CFTC McPherson are coming together for a EPIC night of music including performances by

Conquer the Pacific 5-5:30p

Inflection 5:45pm-6:30p

VOS 6:45pm-7:30p

Soapbox Troubadors 7:45p-9p

Bandshell in Lakeside park

*Food and concessions benefit the McPherson County Food Bank


Soapbox Troubadors live at Stafford

Taste and See Coffee House, 111 W. Broadway, Stafford, KS